I am a Canadian SSHRC scholar, literary anthropologist, graphic novelist, and published poet.

Often, I perform poetry at the Inspired Word Café. This winter I will be completing my own book of love poetry, Nuova—and will donate all of its proceeds to charity when published. Also, I have scripted the pilot issue of my graphic novel series, Samæl, a dark-gritty mythopoetic retelling of the Greek dæmon mythos, and that might be submitted and released within 2017. Currently, I am researching psychosis narratives for my interdisciplinary PhD in anthropology, wherein I will conduct ethnographic fieldwork and publish an innovative, multimedia volume of comics-poetry on the subject to accompany my dissertation.

I make a constant effort to get involved in the community, and I regularly volunteer at the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) in Kelowna. Furthermore, I am particularly interested in community-based engagement and creative projects that collectively and critically bring people together–please feel free to contact me about opportunities and possible workshops. I am a member of the Federation of British Columbia Writers (FBCW) and the Interstitial Arts Foundation: Artists without Borders. Both of these arts-based organizations provide a sense of purpose that directs the dedicated efforts of my flourishing career as a writer and poet. As an anthropologically trained mythographer, I am a long-standing member of the Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA); I now have a volunteering and gift-giving article that I am revising to publish with their journal Anthropologica. I have also connected with the Centre for Imaginative Ethnography, an inter-arts cyber-collective pushing the disciplinary boundaries of ethnography, in the hopes of revitalizing my ethnographic practices and pursuing unique collaborations that might help me re-center and re-focus the field of myth studies.

A downloadable copy of my archived MA thesis, Narrative, Myth and Cultural Resource Management, is available via UBC cIRcle: it aptly addresses Indigenous Australian storytelling, cultural resource management, and how these stories connect to “Dreaming” sites and local culture in the Wadeye and the Northern Territory. As for my PhD work, I have submitted an application and a program of study entitled–Madness, Mythogenesis, and the Human Mind–to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) to garner funds for this doctoral program. I will do my very best to keep site visitors abreast with my research, discoveries, and joys.

I frequent Twitter–to interact with other creatives and intellectuals. Please send me a note or email; I am quite fond of good dialogue!