Sonnets, Jaclyn Herzog

Sonnet I

All fallen, branches broke by her footing—
She crosses the cavalcade of my heart,
Pounding, pursing the wetted hope brilliant;
Crimson by our clean mel’cholic swooning…
Time beating doved in Constancy’s tailing!
The chill of her eyes frozen in my art—
Silhouettes of her living fire fall resilient,
The wisps of our pursuant directing…
Come thundering madly benevolent,
And timeless heralds announce her to I,
Repentant and redoubled we flash reckon…
The swelling of branches flame prevalent
As dotted suns chase away our reverie high:
We awake to the live Soul’s inflection!

Sonnet II

Rise to me, gentle fire of her warm blush—
Ablaze by purest pains kindred and bright,
That pull divine, so pulling falls a hush
Sown true amidst her starry soul’s still flight!
Forever holy as lighthouses hewing night,
Her painted calm guides Virtue kindly fared;
And I, bestilled most fearless by her light,
Tend beauty betwixt our worlds, never erred.
My heart, all sung anew, drops lilac scared,
Hued wraith-ily to the deep white of stars;
And flickers speak of tear-reckonings paired,
As love lost becomes havened to new scars—
O heart of mine! Let this one soul find Truth
In secrets kindled strong by her sweet youth!