(Kelowna-Okanagan) Slam Poetry

The Innovative Spirit within Slam Poetry Communities

This research project explores both creativity and innovation within slam and spoken word communities. The focus of this micro-ethnographic study is how poets and performers experience ‘clutch moments’ (stage epiphanies) that collectively spur on further reverberations of creativity in the community and thus up the ‘poetry-game’ in subsequent performances and iterations of the spoken/sung word. The intent here is to track the diachronic (historic) consciousness present in performance art. I am currently doing fieldwork with Cole Mash in the Kelowna-Okanagan area.

Inclusion/Participation within the Study

If you are a performance poet, poetry organizer, or avid audience member and would like to contribute to this study and its insights, please contact me (info@luke-kernan.com) for further details!