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Apage Satanas”: Combat Mythology in Revelation
“Eschatological Echoes”: The Psychosomatic Teleologies of Ruinous Decay in Davies’ “Doomsday” and Ignatieff’s “Myth and Malevolence”
From Nietzsche to Huxley: An Exploration of the Literary Worldview
“Poisonous Obligations”: The Politics of the Gift in Beowulf and The Nibelungenlied
The Psychosexual Spirituality and Worldview of the Shamanic Berdache: A Philosophical Exploration into Two-Spiritedness

Articles in Print/Forthcoming

    “‘Mimesis and Mesmerism’: A Collective Case Study of Clutch Moments and the Innovative Spirit within Slam Poetry Communities.” (active field research, in and first drafting for Liminalities: A Journal of Performative Studies, peer-reviewed journal, literary study.)

    “Somatic Shockings across Ailment Narratives: Lessons from the Sacred Geographies of an Indigenous Spirit-World.” (under review for The Australian Journal of Anthropology (TAJA), peer-reviewed journal, ethnographic study.)

    “Samaritan Thanksgivings, Christly Transformations: The Hurt, the Wounded, the Lost Children of the Lamb alike in Charitable Suffering and Perseverance at the Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Kamloops, British Columbia.” (in second submission to Anthropologica, peer-reviewed journal, ethnographic study.)

    “The Mythopoetic Mind of Plato: The Kingdom-Sage’s Muthos in Timaeus, The Republic, and The Symposium.” (in submission to Storyworlds, peer-reviewed journal, literary study.)

    “‘Donum Dei’: Derrida’s Reciprocity Scholarship and Milton’s Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained.” (in submission to LATCH: A Journal for the Study of the Literary Artefact in Theory, Culture, or History, peer-reviewed journal, literary study.)


Note: if you are interested in any of my articles listed in my CV or here, feel free to message me. I may be able to send you an advanced draft of what is forthcoming. But sadly, as it stands, I cannot directly post articles on this site that I am shopping with journals.